9 novembre 2012


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  1. Fondo Salva Stati = MES, Meccanismo Europeo di Stabilità (European Stability Mechanism): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Stability_Mechanism

  2. Critics

    Critics have noted that the ESM severely confines the economic sovereignty of its member states and criticise that it provides extensive powers and immunity to the board of ESM Governors without parliamentary influence or control.[141] Think-tanks such as the World Pensions Council (WPC) have argued that the European Stability Mechanism is the product of a short-term political consensus, and thus won't be conductive of a durable, cohesive institutional solution. In their perspective, a profound revision of the Lisbon Treaty itself is unavoidable if Germany is to succeed in imposing its economic views, as stringent orthodoxy across the budgetary, fiscal and regulatory fronts will necessarily have to go beyond the treaty in its current form, thus further reducing the individual prerogatives of national governments.[142][143][144]


    In Estonia a group of MPs have called for a referendum on the treaty.[145] On 8 August, during the first reading of the bill ratifying the ESM in Riigikogu, the Estonian Centre Party put forward a motion to reject the bill. However, this motion was defeated in parliament by 56 votes against, with 33 voting for.[146]


    In Germany some members of FDP (liberal party) and CSU (conservative Bavarian party), both minor parties of the current government coalition, are against the European Stability Mechanism.[147] The Left, Pirate Party Germany and NPD also oppose the ESM, the latter comparing it with the Enabling Act of 1933.


    Both opposition parties the True Finns and the Centre Party oppose the ESM.


    Left Front and left wing presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon[148] oppose the ESM.


    The Socialist Party opposes the ESM. Geert Wilders Party for Freedom opposes any increase or systematisation of transfer payments, from the Netherlands to other EU countries, through means such as the ESM. (riferimenti su wiki)